What can you do?

Record your statement

You can participate in the mobilization at your polling station to ask to record your will through the following statement:

The / * the undersigned / * [name and surname] wishes to be recorded in the minutes as the subdivision into lists, registers by gender or by sex is discriminatory and harmful towards trans* people, of fluid gender, non-binary , or of all the identities that do not recognize themselves in the man-woman dichotomy and that are therefore not considered and respected in their own self-determination.


Voting procedures at polling stations with files, lists or registers divided into “men and women”, as required by Article 5 of Presidential Decree No. 223 of March 20, 1967, force transgender and non-binary people to come out about their own privacy and the disclosure of sensitive data that can expose them to the possibility of becoming a target of hostility, discrimination, or violence by virtue of their gender identity.


For further references it is possible to visit the campaign I Am I Vote (Io Sono, Io Voto) – www.iosonoiovoto.gruppotrans.it

Become a vote buddy

You can mark yourself as a chaperone on the list of your city or neighborhood to support and encourage the people for whom it could make a difference to vote.

Availability to accompany to polling stations

Privacy Policy

Find out in which cities there are already vote buddies:

Are you president of a polling station or are you part of the staff?

Here are our guidelines to promote inclusion and respect for trans people:


  • Avoid separate files
  • Avoid signs at the banquet with the indication “men” and “women” in correspondence with the registers (better to use an alphabetical subdivision)
  • Make the problem known to all staff and welcome people who want to leave their statement to be recorded in the minutes

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